Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 74

Yesterday, this went up:

Feedback: Noo. less wyvern, more dragon!
10 hours ago ยท Like

So, I kicked this out tonight:


While thinking about putting arms on the dragon (to take away the wyvernish look) I was concerned that they would change the silhouette too much (making it less distinct from other dragons), as well as where the shoulder blades could go, considering that a significant portion of its dorsal side is taken up by whatever musculature and bone structure operate the wings, and I didn’t want to add much to, or hide too much of the rib cage.

But, by making the forelimbs thin, I feel like I managed to wriggle my way through those visual problems, and successfully put this proverbial puppy to bed- I mean unrest.



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  1. mordicai says:

    I think the arms are great! I really like when dragons have a hulking, gorilla-like silhouette. It is a fresh take that I think manages to bring an element of terror back into them.

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