“I’m a steampunk pixie, that’s who I am, I fry my frogs in a brass frying pan…”
-“Steampunk Pixie,” Frenchy and the Punk

Someone asked me if I’d ever done a mechanical or steampunk dragon. I have. But tonight I didn’t know what to draw, so I did this:

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In a perfect world it would be a mechanical dragon wearing a top hat with goggles on it, but I didn’t have the time or the mental wherewithal to make that happen.

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At one point today I started thinking that these line drawings were too simplistic. After really thinking about it, I decided that my first thought was wrong- they are very deliberate, and in fact in a majority of cases I don’t do any erasing- just plot lines and try to control my hands so that everything lines up.

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The fact that it’s “easier” when I’m uninspired or tired doesn’t make it any less worthwhile, and I probably just need to be nicer to myself.

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a firebreathing dragon's head. the dragon is saying "Growr!"

I’m not a fan of the most recent WordPress update- it keeps pulling the image information and trying to make it into captions. It’s quite annoying.

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The Chronicles of Stick Dragon, Part II.

I did wonder a bit whether or not this dragon lived in a stick figure world with other stick figures or if it was unique in its stickfigureness.

a stick figure dragon stealing a stick figure princess.
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The Chronicles of Stick Dragon, Part I.

I thought it might be interesting to keep playing around with the stick figure dragon from yesterday.

Click to Enlarge.

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Any sort of coin hoard would have gobbled up the single-lined elegance of the stick figure, so like any good villain, the dragon keeps their (I haven’t decided on gendering yet) wealth in a bag with a dollar sign on it.

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Sticks and Stones.

It was a pretty hectic day of Family Emergencies, but everyone is okay. The Fiancee said I was “her rock” due to my unflappability in a crisis, so it seems reasonable that I would draw a stick figure:

05282019 - Sticks and Stones

Click to Enlarge.

In hindsight, I probably should have put some stick horns/fins on this dragon, but I was a little more concerned with the question of does a stick figure dragon have a circular head or not.

And as an aside: does numbering and nomenclature matter? “The Resurrection” has been going on since April- how long does it keep going? And even when it stops, do we go back to “Dragon-A-Day? I’m very much undecided.

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Dragon-A-Day, the Resurrection, Day 31: Curfew.

05222019 - Curfew.

I don’t know why the visual shorthand for all-out running involves the arms stuck straight out, but it sells it. Anyhow, I need some sleep.

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