Dragon-A-Day: The Resurrection: Days 6-10: War of the Spark and Affairs of the Heart.

Day 6

Technically, I’ve been missing in action, but since publishing anywhere aside from here hasn’t really been working at the moment, it’s probably all right.

Anyhow, this past weekend was the War of the Spark prerelease and I had it on my calendar to play way too much Magic: the Gathering in one weekend. In honor of this questionable decision, I did this rendition of everyone’s favorite planeswalking draconic villain, Nicol Bolas before heading out to the midnight event:

Click to Enlarge.

Click to Enlarge.

It’s hard to find good references for his armor, and I can’t get past his ridiculous gremlin face, but drawing him with anything else seems wrong.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B (click to enlarge).

Exhibit B

Day 7

Day 2 of the Prerelease weekend was the culmination of an elaborate scheme that the Dragon God himself would probably be proud of, except that I lacked a zombie army and didn’t kill anyone.

With the help of the amazing people at Firefly Toys and Games, my Local Game Store, I was able to propose to my girlfriend in a suitably dramatic and nerdy fashion. Somewhere in the middle of the night wee hours of the morning (inbetween rounds of the midnight event), I dashed off this sketch:

Something happened today.

Something happened today.

I like the tenderness of it, but I do wish that I’d been more awake and had the time to give it the proper polish that it deserved… like not forgetting her eyelashes. *winces*

Day 8

Sunday saw nothing really special aside from some Indian food, but by the end of it I was pretty wiped out. After staring at a blank page for too long, I did some writing and found an unrelated dragon in the corner.

dragon-a-day 04282019 - intense

Click to Enlarge.


“It’s been a pretty crazy, somewhat intense weekend, between the prerelease ans the whole “secret engagement plan.” Now I am home and am very tired, but also kind of restless. I don’t really want to draw, but I don’t want to not have drawn more.

So here is an unrelated dragon. I’m going to try and come down from this crazy last 72 hours so I can sleep.”

Day 9

Monday was supposed to be a day off. However, I forgot about several obligations and instead went to work late, kind of phoned it in and then got my eyes checked, which took way longer than I thought it would.

After dinner I thought I would be able to draw something but once again, all I could do was stare into the page hoping that something would fall out of it. After a few abortive attempts, eventually I gave up and drew a head with some scales on it.

Click to Enlarge.

Click to Enlarge.

Day 10

Today I got my day off, kind of. The engagement video made its way to the internet and my phone exploded as a result. I don’t feel rested really; I almost fell asleep twice while trying to play Diablo, but I have to return to the Real World tomorrow, like it or not, so that’s why we’re recapping today.

Click to enlarge (if you really want to)

Click to enlarge (if you really want to)

I got a little ambitious and did what was supposed to be a flared head but I didn’t know how to draw the far crest and faked it after trying to draw it from the front, but it just kept spreading wider and wider on paper and not looking like what it was in my mind’s eye.

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Dragon-A-Day, The Resurrection, Day 5: Flaming Os.

They can’t all be super-detailed, well-thought-out drawings… sometimes they’re just vaguely flamingo-like.

DAD 04252019 flaming o

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Dragon-A-Day, the Resurrection: Day 4: Whiffle.

My jaws, they bite! My claws, they catch!
-The Shudderwock

I looked through some of my older posts for inspiration tonight, and at first I thought about drawing the sleep-hoarding dragon, but instead, I dug a little deeper and remembered that I drew a Jabberwock once.

So I drew another.

Dragon-A-Day, the Resurrection: Day 4In my mind it was going to be a bit more whimsical, but I started putting lines on paper and was afraid to go back or start over, since it was already pretty late. So instead, it’s more menacing than I intended, but I think that’s okay.

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Dragon-A-Day, The Resurrection: Day 3: Peanut Gallery.

It was almost like old times: I did a drawing last night, got a comment and used it as a basis for iterating. This makes me happy.

“I mean, if we wanted to talk D&D, pseudo- or faerie dragons spring to mind.”

So I took that to heart and ran with it, even trying to go an extra mile and look up actual (swallowtail) butterfly wings so as not to fudge it too hard, but they’re devilishly complicated when you get up close:

Dragon-A-Day Online: The Resurrection: Day 3

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Dragon-A-Day, The Resurrection: Day 2.

Not much to say tonight because I am pretty tired, but I at least managed to keep the streak alive:

Dragon-A-Day, the Resurrection: Day 2

I started out with the eye and drew the brows. Instead of making them spines, I added the lids pointing the opposite way and they became feathery brows. I didn’t have an idea as to the type of dragon who might be walking around with such outlandish brows, so I did a bit of a face and probably should have just tried to add more scales than that wee patch there.

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Dragon-A-Day, The Resurrection: Day 1.

I’m baaack…!
-Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Are we back back? I’m not entirely sure, but I’d like to say yes. Considering that the “New Beginnings” lasted less than three weeks before everything went pear-shaped I don’t want to get your hopes up too high, though I’ve been doing daily, semi-offline drawing since April 4th.*

Anyhow, it’s still Easter for about 9 minutes and thinking about the whole “back from the dead” thing made me want to post, though my scanner’s poor performance leaves a bit to be desired:

Go find your own.

Go find your own.

*There’s a Discord group that a friend of mine moderates called The Art Plaza Extravaganza, it’s a sort of art motivation/gamification exercise. All I have to do there is take a picture of a drawing to get credit and keep my streak alive, as opposed to collecting my thoughts and all.

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Dragon-A-Day, New Beginnings, Day 18.


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