Speedpaint Sunday 15

Picture it:

My twin brother is staying over and is asleep because he has a long drive ahead of him in a few hours. I come home, tiptoe into the room that we’re sharing, and creep out with my laptop and tablet. Now, with nowhere to go, I am holed up in the bathroom, tablet in my lap and the computer resting (safely) on the edge of the tub about 3 feet away and maybe 5 inches down from my hands.

It’s also really hot in here.

All I have is the Wacom pen and no real easy access to the keyboard shortcuts I’ve been using for more than half my life. What do I do?


Working in monochrome (I actually “erased” with white, to prevent the background from showing through when I wanted to reduce the black saturation) was really interesting and I think pretty helpful in getting a feel for how color accumulates, instead of trying to make up color theory as I went along. It’s not perfect; but it was a lot of fun to make.

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