Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 154

Remember that crappy drawing I did on Saturday?

Well, I tried to fix it up tonight, because that’s part of the point of this Dragon-A-Day exercise; to get better at drawing, not simply to ramble about my day or how I need to practice my Photoshoppery and never do.

Other dragons have gotten second chances from crappy drawings, including but not limited to the Lobster Dragon, the War Dragon, and the ever-popular Macejaw and Grinning Dragons, so let’s see what happens when we do this:

So this, um, Thornbrowed Drake (as it’s not actually a dragon, based on its morphology, but draconic enough to fulfill your RDA of dragon) isn’t 100% there yet, but it’s a damn huge leap in the right direction from the first round of sketches when I was too tired to really care.  I like the deepset eyes and the large shoulders, but I think that the rest of it could still be cleaned up a bit. Maybe another alar is in order, as well, and something with the tail’d be nice, methinks…

Ah well, back to the drawing board.

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