Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 162

So I was at another of those Meetings That Wouldn’t End and still relieved of my minute-taking duties, so I took advantage of the opportunity to draw a whole lot.

I need to go out and look at a geology textbook or something; I was having the hardest time making the plates on the back look like decent rocks and not some sort of  spiky warts. Nevertheless, I did pull off a cool new shape, and I decided to try and expand on it while listening to people discuss things that we’ve been hashing over for the last 4 months:


I tried to avoid making the Stoneback’s shape too conventional, though obviously some things will have to be similar; it’s still a quadruped and all. I think that the claws need some work, though I might be on to something there…

Finally, I ran out of gas and just started sketching wurms, or snakey dragons to fill time, like I did at the last meeting:

I rather like the bottom one, it kind of surprised me while I was working on it. I didn’t think it’d be as successful as it came out, though it’s probably not as wurmlike as it could have been; the neck id more like that of a true dragon, as opposed to the snakelike configuration of the creature on the upper left.

And as I walked in the door at 11:45PM and need to be back at work in about 12 hours of my writing this, I’ll kust call it a wrap.

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