Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 199

I was feeling a little uninspired, so I checked on the Request Line and found this, which I may have offhandedly mentioned before:

“Phil, have you ever done an undead dragon, or a demonic dragon with skin made up of eyeballs? How about a porcelain-skinned dragon with some cracked features that still is able to move with some of its features missing. Cyborg dragon. Dragon on a leash tethered to a hot chick dragon.”

While I know where the second suggestion came from, it was still an interesting exercise. The skin being made entirely out of eyeballs made it a lot harder to rely on m usual artistic cliches:


That having been said, however, the demonic nature kind of made the rest of it pretty easy to do, though all those eyes ran together, especially since I was drawing them all in black and white- upon closer examination, one of the things that sets most of the more exotic animal eyes apart from human eyes is the color and placement of said color in the eye. A mountain lion’s large yellow iris is a lot different from even a human with jaundiced yellow whites, for example. Of course, the shape of the eyelids also adds to the mystique, but, skin made of eyeballs.

And my hand aches after all those niggling little details; here’s a larger version so you can appreciate my suffering.

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