Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 313

I woke up early, did a bunch of housework, and spent the rest of the day by myself, doing my taxes and feeling dismayed (1099 FTL).

Somehow, it’s just before midnight and I am on my way to being about $1,200 poorer (the minutia of my tax returns isn’t really something that I’m in a mood to discuss), and I realize that I have as yet to draw anything.  So without any real inspiration (though I suppose I could have done something involving Uncle Sam stealing my hoard, but that’s more than a slight oversimplification of my current mindset), I flipped through my sketchbook and alighted on last night’s dragon.

So, I decided (though I don’t know why i decided to do this tonight) to try and standardize it:

Things like this are always difficult- the randomness that made the previous sketch so unique and awesome lose a lot of their… vivre in this process. Add to that the fact that I’m sleepy and in low spirits, and it doesn’t pan out as well as it might have.


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