Speedpaint Sunday 47

I didn’t do as well as I did last week, mostly because I was not in the mood to draw- I seem to be fighting off some sort of spring ague.

I was doing pretty well until I decided that I ought to do away with the black lines and try and paint the shapes that made up the eyeridges and do on, then I promptly proceeded to get really frustrated with not being able to tell where the edges of things were and/or how to depict them without just drawing the edges… It was this weird vicious cycle that I can’t exactly explain. On the plus side, I started looking around at things and came to some sort of shaky conclusion about how I might start trying to paint them, though I’m not sure how it’ll work with something as complex as this- I did a few experiments with making single edges on a monocolored field:

It’s not terribly graceful nor precise, and looking at it now, the divide’s a lot darker than it probably ought to be, but it’s a start.

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