Speedpaint Sunday 48

So for some reason, I decided to work with white on black tonight.


Then I… didn’t exactly know how to proceed. I think that somewhere in my head, I thought I’d be able to fill in over the white lines easier (I couldn’t) and instead I ended up killing a lot of darlings and ending up with the following progression:

At some poit towards the end, I got frustrated and changed the white lines to green, so they wouldn’t be so damned obvious, but I’m still kind of at a loss about what to do with/without them- when I turn the lines off, I find that I’ve just got a vaguely dragon-shaped blob, and interior detalis like the frills at the side of the head are simply lost. On top of that, I kind of depend on my linework to tell me what to do; it’s a pretty integral part of my work… Bleh.

More research is required.

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