Dragon-A-Day, Day 10

Today hasn’t been a very productive day. I’ve been stumbling through it half-asleep and annoyed.

I had the brilliant idea to draw a dragon’s head based on a design of its skull today.

Unfortunately, like I wrote, I have no real idea of how meat and stuff stacks on top of bone. Originally, my Macejaw Dragon was going to have spikes growing from its ponderous lower jaw, then I started fretting over whether or not the jaw ought to be split, like some reptilian jaws are, and the realization that the only skull I’m familiar with is the human skull, and even that baffles me. So instead, my dragon ended up with scutes, the armor plates that alligators have, and I’m slightly disgruntled and very tired. I’m going to bed, and going to try this again tomorrow when I hopefully have time to look at references, or at least able to think for a few minutes without dozing off.

Oh, and I was so tired that I forgot what day it was. Sigh.

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