Dragon-A-Day, Day 11

Round 2 of the Macejaw; no trying to build off of imaginary skeletal structure. This time, I made the whole thing up, and it’s worlds better. I still need to figure out the body shape, though the silhouette on the right side is probably the direction it’ll go.

I started with the head at the top. If you’ve ever read E.E. Knight’s Age of Fire series (aptly described as “Watership Down with dragons”) you might remember the griff that all dragons have, the “armored fans that protect the ears” when a dragon is fighting.

They also “rattle” them when agitated. In this and the last round, I was toying with the concept (they are folded in the top-center head), but I didn’t quite get it, and abandoned it in favor of no side frills or horns- all you need is chin. The open-mouthed sketch was thrown in at the last moment, as I was wondering how this one might look when opening its mouth, and what type of teeth it might have/need after pulverizing its prey.

I’m also interested in possible sexual dimorphism, but I don’t know if I’ll follow up on that with this.

That’s it for now, See you tomorrow.

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