Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 396

Day 22

As it was too hot today to travel far, Flimbert and I stayed in the shade of a tree and dozed for the majority of the morning. When we awoke around mid-afternoon, yesterday’s encounter with the Threadshrike was on my mind, and I jotted a few notes from memories of my prior experience with the tiny dragons:

Threadshrikes hunt like common (or giant) constrictor serpents do, except that they have the added advantage of flight and a dragon’s intellect. They will maim their prey for the sake of doing it sometimes, dislocating or crushing limbs and letting their victims crawl away (or in some cases, plummet) instead of breaking necks or backs so that they may feed.

Their teeth and claws are too small to be of much use in killing few things aside from the occasional wayward grub, though they can kick the insides out of a lightly-armored fleshy creature, like some of the very small fey.

They also hunt in packs on occasion to bring down songbirds or other small creatures, like squirrels, though the latter is rare and probably a sign of other imbalances in the environment.

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