Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 546: ‘Twas…

A lot simpler in my head, but I never gave Santa Dragon the full amount of consideration that he deserved- it was just more entertaining to draw a surly, bearded dragon in a Santa suit…


Circa 2009
“Give what to whom, now?”

Santa Dragon just plain don't like you.

Santa Dragon just plain don’t like you.


I had even thought of doing some kind of model sheet last year, but by then, it was too late.

It’s interesting to note the migration of the horns from the top of the head (where they might have held the hat in place) to the sides of the head, making Santa Dragon look somewhat similar to the sleep-hoarding dragon. Which makes some sense, as Santa Dragon hoards and/or steals presents, which can be almost as (or more, depending on who you’re asking) than sleep/

Nevertheless, due to circumstances that I chose not to control, I need to finish packing so I can fly Down South just in time for some awful weather headed that way, and didn’t have the time that I might have to think on Santa Dragon’s composition. Chances are I’ll have more time than I want at a layover tomorrow, so I’ll leave you with this sketch and some realizations that came up as I finished it.

12242012- Santa Dragon Thoughts

 “Things I never really considered:
-Body type- Is he fat?
-How the robe works”

Also, his overall silhouette should probably be more distinctive, which would play into the “is he fat?” question, but I never really had one in mind, as I rarely needed to show all of him in order to get the point across. I suppose I ought to give some thought to just what his MO is, and take it from there.

And on that note, I’m off. I’ll be back for NYE. Merry Xmas and Joyous Kwanzaa (as I’ll be gone for both; my apologies for not wishing you folks a Happy Hanukkah.)

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