Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 547: Santa Dragon Shape-up.

So I didn’t have the layover I first thought I was going to have; we ended up having lunch then heading to the gate, and boarding the plane, where I dozed on and off while reading Black Powder War.

Anyhow, after 2 rounds of Xmas festivities, I managed to do some sketching before I tumbled into bed.

 12252012 - Santa Dragon Shape-up1 12252012 - Santa Dragon Shape-up 2

I decided that Santa Dragon ought to be a little more roly-poly, but still somewhat fierce. The larger wings of the previous incarnations take away from his… Santa-ness, so I made them smaller. His forelimbs became rather long, for grasping and holding onto his stuff. The hindlegs are almost comically short; like a magical reindeer, much of his upward thrust comes from Christmas Magic, or maybe the sweet tears of children; I’m still not sure.

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