Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 562: Two Sides.

So I spent today working on more portfolio things, and while I did color stuff, I didn’t specifically color anything for the blog today, there just wasn’t time, though it’s gotten somewhat easier, or at least less onerous, I think.

Here is what I worked on:

01092013 - Two Sides

Click to enlarge, though it’s supposed to be way, way smaller…

I only got as far as flat colors because of a file saving snafu- I had colored the dragon on the left last night, but the colors were lost and I had to do them again. Anyhoo, this is supposed to reduce much, much smaller, so I don’t know if it’s gong to do what it’s supposed to do:

Yeah, this small.

Yeah, this small.

I mean, it’s pretty clear, but I dunno. I’ve been feeling self-conscious because I’m getting ready to play with the big boys, so that’s not helping much.

At any rate, I need to get up and drop shadows over those two, along with a lot of other things tomorrow, so here is a sketch which might get refined and/or colored as well to go on display:

01092013 - Soft Side

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