Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 576: For the Homies (Suffering From Nasal Drip).

So I spent today in more or less forced convalescence. There was intermittent napping, and I stayed in the bedroom (if not the bed) for the majority of the day, except for brief forays into the kitchen to make another cup of tea, or take another dose of this or that, right until I remembered:


I don’t think that I told you all, but when I got laryngitis back in October ’12, I got better almost the next day *:

  • I went home and bought some ginger along with a big bag of onions.
  • I peeled the ginger, chopped it up into fairly thin (like less than a quarter-inch) medallions, and boiled it for awhile (not the most scientific of measurements, I know. Think 10-20 minutes; like any soup or tea, the longer it boils, the more concentrated it becomes.).
  • While the ginger boiled, I juiced (well, reamed, really) a lemon into a mug, seeds, whatever pulp fell in and all, and then poured a dollop (yup, SCIENCE.) of honey after that.
  • Once the ginger-water was smelling sufficiently gingery, I poured it into the mug, taking care not to pour the ginger chunks in.
  • Stir, then drink once it’s not too hot to swallow, repeat every couple of hours. It’s entirely possible to make a large pot of ginger and just ream a new lemon each time.

Like Homer Simpson, I don’t know the science or anything behind it, but fire made it good–  my voice came back just fine the next day. Since the sore throat that was rearing its ugly head yesterday was very similar to the one that took my voice a few months back, I slapped my forehead and shuffled off to the store to buy about a pound of ginger.

Several hours and roughly half a pound of ginger later, I am remarkably recovered, and at this rate should be fighting fit by Friday, if not tomorrow. Despite (or perhaps because of) this rapid recovery, I find myself without much energy for drawing tonight.

I know these recipe/”how not to fail at life through cookery” posts usually feature my personal dragon, but I just didn’t have the presence of mind for it tonight:


*I think that between my miraculous recovery and the hurricane, being sick completely slipped my mind.

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