Dragon-A_DAy Online: Day 577: Not Quite As Expected.

So due to some vagaries of my physicality that don’t really bear transcribing to this space, I ended up staying up until about 730AM on the 24th. After that, I shuffled into bed, slept for about two hours, got some things that I needed and shuffled through the rest of the day without much mental capacity, but also leery of napping because it might further wreck whatever is left of my circadian rhythm.

So, since I spent the last two hours or so watching Chicken Run while trying (and mostly failing) to do something useful, here is a cockatrice.

01242012 - Not Quite As Expected.

Spoiler Alert: Since I have nowhere else really to share this thought, the fact that the chickens basically built Metroplex out of their houses is pretty damn epic.

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