Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 596: Getting Back On It.

02122013 - Just the Two of Us. 02122013 - Similar, But Different 4

So I did these earlier today. The first was a warm-up sketch, the second was based on some feedback I got. I think it’s almost there.

Last night’s sleep experiment went okay, aside from being hungry and irritable and not able to sleep as quick as I might have liked, but that might have been because  I was trying to go to sleep around 5 hours earlier than I have been.

Tonight was vaguely stressful, and I needed to decompress a bit before trying to get the site-pertinent sketch done, otherwise I’d probably already be asleep, because, you know, it’s important to keep working on changing your sleep schedule and all. Anyhoo, I managed to come down enough to get this done, though I A) didn’t have a bit of Draconic Wisdom for it and B) still don’t know what to do about where the slug body joins the torso.

Ah well.

02122013 - Getting Back On It.

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