Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 597: Ash Wednesday.

As posted by a friend on Facebook:

It’s Ash wednesday[sic], and if i learned anything from Matthew McConaughey as TECHNO VIKING in 2002’s post apocalyptic dragon hunting blockbuster “Reign of Fire” [link added for clarity]; is that dragons LURVE ASH. FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!

So I discovered that this is a thing today.

It actually makes a lot of sense; if you consider Randy Savage’s song “Speaking From the Heart,” the line

“Soaring with the eagles and slithering with the snakes; I have been everywhere in between, I am your friend; I am the Macho Man, Randy Savage.”

succinctly and accurately describes draconic characteristics- the capability of flight as well as reptilian traits. Perhaps, as some have suggested, Randy Savage was taken from us before his time, for a reason. Perhaps that reason was ascension to full-fledged dragonhood.

Sadly, we shall never know.

In any event, after drawing these conclusions, I felt that I could do nothing but an actual Macho Man Dragon (because however well-intentioned, the “dragon” from Skyrim is actually a wyvern or drake.)

So therefore, we have the following questions:

  • How true to the Macho Man’s costume(s) do we want to stay? Obviously, some pieces are more iconic than others. My first impulse was to stick the cowboy hat on the dragon as well as do the wings in tassels, though as I’m puzzling this out, I’m still not sure about how to do sunglasses, if they should be actual sunglasses, or sunglasses-shaped markings over/around the eyes.
  • On further  rumination, the tassels and things could be represented as markings or something like a flared/striped spinal crest or other decoration.
  • The dragon really ought to have a beard. Probably a beard of spikes, but actual bearded dragons are not unheard of, and I don’t mean exotic housepets.
  • The dragon must have dangerous-looking elbows.

So while ruminating on this and killing a lot of darlings, some other stuff happened and it’s now rather late. As a result, I found out that my circadian rhythms are coming back to where they ought to be, for I got very tired around 10:30 or so. While this is surely good news in the long run, it’s more than a little vexing, because I have no dragon, and certainly no Macho Man Dragon (seeing as I don’t know what to do with it yet).

I also don’t have a whole lot of time to sit here and puzzle it out, even if I weren’t wracked by fatigue; I have to catch a bus in approximately eight-and-a-half hours at the time I am writing this (I was going to tell you that I’ll be out of town for a day or so, and not to panic if I don’t post anything).

So, with that in mind, here is a draconic version of the Gobbeldy Gooker.

No, I’m kidding. Here’s a head sketch.

02132013 - Ash Wednesday.

Clearly, there is a lot more ground to cover; the sunglasses are kind of not there yet, but I kind of like the horns and spiky beard.

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