Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 630: Lost and the Desert.

So, first off, I did this today:

Similar But different (Once Again).

I’ve been batting this idea around so long that I’m starting to lose focus of what works and what does not. Either that, or I’ve figured it out and am too afraid of complacency to admit it to myself. Neither of these are especially helpful developments, but I must needs press on.

Second, I drew this for tonight:

03182013 - Cobbled Desert dragon.

With no real objective in mind, I started drawing spikes, but thought it might be interesting if some of them were broken and the dragon had a weathered appearance. I tried to make the scales less flat, but fell into the trap of making them all the same size and shape, so I shall call this one a Cobbled Desert Dragon, for the scales on its dorsal side look like cobblestones.

And now I’m going to go wash dishes. See you tomorrow!

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