Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 631: Annoying, But Necessary.

So I was thinking of doing another of those foreshadowing sketches, but the cat has been let out of the bag (though we didn’t actually make it to the interesting part mostly because of chronic overplanning).

That, and it’s absurdly late once again. Something did come in on the Request Line, but I lack the mental fortitude to tackle it properly. In addition to the lateness of the hour, it was something of a stressful day.

So my go-to dragon on nights like these is usually the Annoyed Dragon. However, while getting to where I first believed myself to be finished with this sketch, I realized like The Little One before him, the Annoyed Dragon has kind of drifted away from his original form. Mostly through laziness and/or repeated referencing of the most recent drawings, as opposed to the originals.

So I stopped and did the smaller sketches, then fixed the eyes. For some reason, they kept getting smaller (while the eyebrows got longer and narrower) as I’ve been drawing him, but the whole idea is that he’s supposed to be cartoonish, and having large, not-quite-googly eyes is part of the deal.

03192013 - Annoying, But Necessary.

It’s not quite 100% there, but it’s definitely back on the right path.

Aritst’s Note: at first he was going to be saying something along the lines of “Hey, when was the last time I had a shot farther out than shoulders up?” But then I got wrapped up in fixing that eyebrow problem.

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