Dragon-A-Day, Day 56

Turning off distractions can be a wonderful thing.

I wasn’t uninspired; I really wanted to draw something tonight, after drawing other things all afternoon. But I lacked direction. So I put on one of my Pandora stations and just let it play while I focused on that flier from a week ago.


Click to Enlarge.

I’m especially happy with the cutaway drawing- the note I wrote on the right was something I jotted down while sort of bouncing around the page. I also realized that the crest doesn’t need to be super-flexible, since the neck is so short. The lower jaw probably drops away, possibly hyper-extending- I don’t think that this dragon stoops with its feet.

This one probably needs some more tweaking, as well as a name. I keep thinking “Skyreaver,” but there’s a Magic card with the same name.

Eh. I’ll figure something out.

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