Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 746: Head… and Shoulders…

So sometime back in March, I got this (snipped) request:

“…That “trade” drawing on a hoodie? Something to brag about to my friends.”

So I was working on that on and off over the last few weeks (along with everything else).  The composition would be a bit different for clothing, as it’d end up as a unisex tee, and conversations about… personal topography have led me to make some design considerations.

Anyhow, Something Came To me while sketching around this afternoon, that I hadn’t been leaving quite enough space above the shoulders to accommodate 2 heads properly. Now that I have come to realize this, I’ll hopefully be more able to do something that looks (at least to me) right, because Lord knows (and in the context of this space, I briefly considered invoking a fictional dragon god instead, but couldn’t decide to go good or evil. The fact that I am telling you this is indicative of how tired I apparently am) that I’ve been hammering away at making those two look right.

In fact, I’m not even going to show you the one sketch I did, because A) it’s not really finished, and B) I don’t feel it’s good enough to bother showing. Instead, I’ll just show you a mildly-related sketch I did while mulling this quandary over this evening while sitting in on this SciFi reading event (which was actually kind of interesting):

07022013 - Head... and Shoulders...

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