Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 749: Two Heads, One Celebration, 3AM.

(It’s actually 3:33 as I start typing this.)

So I did some updates on the pencil-plus-Photoshop sketch from a few days ago, and opened up the silhouette a bit more.

Similar, but Different

I shortened the muzzle on the right side head and took the horn off of its nose to make the dragon a little more cuddly. Also tilted the head to take it off of the neck in silhouette, though the “natural” response would be to hide the underside of the throat/rest the head on a coil of neck. I’m a lot happier with how it came out; the only thing now is the knight probably needs to be cleaned up a bit, but I went out to celebrate the birthday that this was even for, and didn’t have any more time to do anything to it.

So I did this on the way home:

07052013 - Two Heads, One Celebration, 3AM

I’m really annoyed about that left hand, but it’s way late and I should probably go to bed (I should also have thought out the sketch a bit more too, but that’s besides the point.

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