Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 748: Song of the Hunter, Early Refrain.

“Stoop, pounce, leap, spit,
Strike! Strike! Strike!
Go forth boldly, take what is yours
Slake they greatest need.
Let the thought of a missed kill ne’er hinder thee
There will always be more prey.”

-Song of the Hunter, early refrain.

07042013 - Song of the Hunter

I probably would have done something Taft-related for the 4th of July, but something about missed opportunities was on my mind today and I couldn’t shake it.  And no, I did not bother Googling what a herd of buffalo (or other herdbeasts) might look like; I didn’t feel like it.

It’s also interesting to consider the fact that in more than a few facets of contemporary pop culture, dragons are associated with music, directly or indirectly.

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