Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 754: Stiff Lower Jaw.

So I was thinking about the Macejaw today, and realized that for some reason, the studs on its jaw have actually gotten smaller as I keep drawing them, which seems counterintuitive, as the point is that it’s supposed to get easier. Not that it’s terribly difficult, mind you, but the design isn’t as simple.

While I mulled that over, I also realized:

I never really decided if the macejaw's lower jaw was solid-

"Or jawbone shaped."

The underbelly scales (mostly the cool little triangular scales, which have also, oddly enough, gotten smaller over time) which make enough sense when viewed from the side, or without taking their overlapping nature into account, stop doing that when the dragon “comes into the round,” so to speak- they just don’t hold up as well as I would like to. Something else to consider/fix.

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