Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 850: Suckage and Boredom.

So tonight’s tax lesson was about self-employment. Those of you who know me in something resembling Real Life probably know that I’m pretty intimately acquainted with the concept, so you might guess that I was not exactly at the edge of my seat during the lecture. To keep myself somewhat attentive, I found myself doodling alongside my title for the days notes:

10162013 - Suckage and Boredom I

Make your own hours my left foot.

I thought the head and posture were interesting, so I took it a step further while the instructor was pointing out the various parts of a 1099-MISC.

10162013 - Suckage and Boredom, II.Something about this sketch put me in the mood of (vaguely) similar “Growr!“sketches in the past, and that made me happy.

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