Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 855: Hard Work Has Its Rewards.

So remember that thing about studying depreciation I mentioned?

It turned out that I probably did more studying (and definitely more work) than the rest of the class, and that depreciation is a Very Hard Subject (which was probably why I was so frustrated with it and it took me all weekend to do, but more on that later). In fact,  the instructor went on to say that he didn’t know why they bothered to teach it in this level class, because it’s way too complex to learn in this short of a period.

The concept is simple: consult a chart. The situational benefits and other special rules are ridiculous.

I managed to keep myself busy (because class tonight was going over the stuff that I spent all weekend reading) by drawing this, which was probably subconsciously inspired by some feedback I got this morning via email:

“I went to dragon-a-day and I LOVED your Bearded Dragon.  He’s really beautiful, and I loved all the details you included.”

10212013 - Hard Work Has Its Rewards.

I’m not as happy with it as I am with the Epic Beard, but it’s not too shabby. In a perfect world, I might have colored it or something, because I wanted to play more with scale patterns. As much as I love working in monochrome pencil because of the range of texture and “color,” I felt that it was looking a little dull. Also, the concept of the scales wrapping around the cylindrical form, as well as breaking the scale pattern for the dorsal spines kind of threw me. Never the less, I like it.

Artist’s Note: During part of the class when we were doing work in class that we were supposed to do over the weekend, the instructor saw me drawing and first asked jokingly if I was drawing him, then as the drawing took more shape he said “you’ve got some skills, kid,” which made part of my day.

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