Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 856: Synonyms.

So it’s apparently that time of year where everyone gets sick or something, because my current temporary roomate has a cold, and believes he caught it from me. From a little more than two weeks ago.

His theory doesn’t hold up, as I woke up with a slight frog in my throat as well. Chances are he brought it home or we got it from a mutual acquaintance.

Anyhow, while thinking of titles for tonight’s post, I looked up synonyms for “plague.”Check out the last word in the third column.


Synonyms for hydra include:

bane, burden, calamity, disaster, evil, jinx, scourge, affliction, cancer, cross, ordeal, pestilence, plague, torment, tribulation, trouble, vexation, voodoo, evil eye

And, oddly enough, “tarragon,” but only in the context of hydra as dragon.

Now, at first I was going to just draw the Plague Dragon and go to bed, but now I feel likeĀ  I should do something more ambitious. At the same time, I don’t even know what tarragon tastes like. I’m feeling pulled in too many directions here when I should just get some rest so I can hopefully avoid any further complications. Gah.

10222013 - Synonyms.
I will totally admit that I’m phoning it in tonight, but like I said, I really want to get some rest.

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