Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 858: Worldwide Renown.

So for those of you who don’t know, Dragon-A-Day is on Facebook. As a result, I have some people I don’t even know looking at my work. Some of them even like it.

And as a result, occasionally this happens:

NewmessagesCase in point, consider this exchange I had over the course of several weeks with a young man named Florian. Just assume everything in the conversation has [sic] appended to it, between the vagaries of chat and other stuff:

Florian: hi

Dragon-A-Day.com:  Oh jeez, sorry about that. Somehow I didn’t get a notification tht you’d messaged me.

Hi there. what’s up?

Florian: Ok can you draw me as animal or as dragon

Dragon-A-Day.com: Maybe. Gonna need more information about that. And it’s also dragons only, except in extremely rare circumstances.

Florian: Ok

Florian: Here so see i out [attached a photo of himself]

Florian: Hi

Dragon-A-Day.com: hi.

Florian: What make you

Looking back, I’m surprised I kept the conversation going at this point, but kind soul that I am, I kept trying to get through to him:

Dragon-A-Day.com: I’m sorry?
I’m starting to think that there is some kind of language barrier here- I don’t really understand what you’re asking me.

Florian: Ok
Draw me as dragon
Florian: Are you on
Florian: Hi

Dragon-A-Day.com: Describe the dragon for me, and maybe I’ll do it.

Florian: Ok the dragon i self have dark scale and blue eyes

Florian: Hi

Florian: How are you

At this point, I began to get a little annoyed:

Dragon-A-Day.com: Look, I’m not sure what the issue is, but we don’t seem to be communicating effectively here. You can fill out the list below, or I’ll just ignore you, because I don’t know how to get through to you and you’re clearly not paying attention to what I do (blue eyes doesn’t matter; I’m not doing color).

Here’s a list of things to cover:
This is a guide, not a straitjacket. More information is always better, as long as it relates to what the dragon looks like and things that I should be including in the sketch. Answering these will give the building blocks, but don’t assume that I know anything!

Style (Eastern, Western, Anthro, ophidian, other):
Relative size and build:
Horns (number, style, curvature, relative length)
wings (include number of wing-fingers, if possible)
Accouterments (back spikes, head frills, beard):
Any other distinguishing features (scars, funny hats, surprise me)
Demeanor or common activities:
Anything else that makes this dragon an individual.


Florian: My dragon i self is a normal not western and have Horns and wings and is feral and have spikes and is a bad dragon and size 185

Dragon-A-Day.com:   Could you give me a little more detail, please?
And what does “size 185” mean? 185 feet?

Florian: Ok 4 or 7 feet great

At this point I realized that he was probably metric. A quick scan of his page revealed that all the comments on it were in German, so this happened:

Ich werde hier etwas versuchen :

Ich schaute auf die Seite und sah, dass Sie sehr viel Text hatte in Deutsch. Ich will noch mehr Details über Ihre Drachen , bevor ich tatsächlich etwas zu zeichnen ( Ihre Beschreibung ist wirklich nett von Generika ) , und klar , das ist etwas für Sie wichtig , so werde ich dies durch Google Translate laufen in der Hoffnung, dass Sie verstehen, was ich Sie (unter der Annahme , dass Sie dies nicht zu tun mit dem, was ich bisher Zusendung ):

Ich brauche noch mehr Details über Ihre Drachen. Sie können an dieser Seite http://www.Dragon-A-Day.com:/?p=3391 für ein Beispiel , wie andere thier Drachen beschrieben aussehen . In allen Beispielen auf meiner Seite , haben sie diese Lust als Orientierungshilfe dienen :

Hier ist eine Liste von Dingen zu decken :


Translation (From Google Translate, because at the time I didn’t think I would be transcribing this):

I’m going to try something here:

I looked at the page and saw that you had a lot of text in German . I want more details about your dragon before I actually draw something ( your description is really kind of generic ) , and clearly , this is something important to you, so I’ll let run through Google Translate in the hope that you understand I you (assuming that you do not have to do with what I have been sending ) :

I need more details about your dragon. You can http://www.Dragon-A-Day.com:/?p=3391 look at this page for an example of how different their dragon described . In all the examples on my site, they have this desire to serve as a guide :

Here is a list of things to cover: (then follows the list above)

He suddenly became very verbose:

Florian: Bei dem Drachen also mir würde ich bei verhalten sagen eher wütend keine gemeinsamen Aktivitäten ein paar Narben im Gesicht und an der schnauze Hörner sind 4 oder 12 cm lang bei den klauen vier finger hand

Translation: When the dragon so I say I would behave with more angry no common activities a few scars on the face and horns on the snout are 4 or 12 cm long claw at the four fingers hand

So armed with that and not sure I wanted to keep stuffing things into Google Translate (it was kind of eating up my day), I let the conversation drop and did this:

10242013 - Worldwide Renown.

eine schlechte Drachen.

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