Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 970: We Don’t Even Care.

So Mordicai commented on last night’s post:

“Down this road you end up at Morla from the NeverEnding Story. Not that that is a bad thing…”

It’d been awhile since I’d seen or read the book/movie, so I looked her up, and he was right:


Drawing a bit on Morla’s tired, large-eyed semimobile face, I did these and feel like I made some headway, but I am very tired and don’t have much else to say tonight; hopefully my scrawl is legible enough to get across what I was thinking while I worked.


02242014 - We Don't Even Care.

I leave for an overnight in Boston tomorrow morning, so I probably won’t get back to you guys on the Interweb until Wednesday at the earliest.

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