Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,008: Eye on the Prize.

I realized that when I’m tired and don’t know what to do and nothing to complain about, sometimes I draw eyes.

04032014 - Eye On the Prize.I did this with the intention of phoning it in because I’ve been so tired today my own eyes were watering and I’ve had a headache for half the day. But I seem to be at my most inspired when I’m sleep-deprived, because this sketch had me looking for multiple references, and pushing myself to go past my fatigue and malaise.

Two things in hindsight:

Like with the other eye sketches, I didn’t really plan a face, I just started drawing an eye and let the rest of the drawing bloom around it. I kind of feel like the bottom of the face is a little long and we should be seeing part of the mouth there, but that’s a small thing.

As you might have noticed, I was so moved by this sketch, I felt compelled to color the eye, and almost went to town on the rest of it after I had already filled in the scales and brow ridge. This is a (very) rough image of what I might have done with it if I’d had the luxury or gumption to color it:

04032014 - Eye On the Prize.Also, while messing with Photoshop blending modes, I thoguht this Overlay layer looked kind of neat:

04032014 - Eye On the Prize.Okay, that’s it.

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