Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,036: Before A Fall.

I didn’t know what to do tonight, so I started thinking about Pride:


Circa 2012. Click to enlarge, but you get the point.

Originally, I wanted Pride to be something like a peacock and a unicorn. I ended up with a horsey-faced dragon with a lot of fins. Considering the amount of time I left myself after fidgeting over the others for so long, I’m okay with that, but now in this era of Making Good Drawings, I feel like I can, nay, must do better than that.

So I definitely wanted to keep the long spiral horn, and since the dragon can really only express its pride with its face/head, something ostentatious like a lot of fins on the head would make sense, but aren’t necessary. I came up with the idea of adding gemstones and or other shiny bits, like an M. Pena dragon, and ran with that.

05012014 - Before A Fall.

One of the things I’ve come to realize with this Paying Attention thing is that you can’t rush these things at all, or you just end up making Bad Drawings(TM). The shading on the neck is less than it could be, and leaving the underside blank seemed wrong, but if I remember correctly, I decided long ago that Wrath would be the only one of the seven with ventral armor.

Not that I can’t go back on a decision I made more than a year ago, but still. Maybe I’ll end up doing some sort of frill-necked lizard thing, but that seems kind of like a fin in the long run. Maybe feathers. Hmm…

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