Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,061: It (Also) Came From The Internet.

I spent the end of Memorial Day like any other day, farting around looking at memes and listening to DevilDriver. Finally, I realized I was just wasting time and asked myself if I could just draw something so I could go to bed, or at least not feel like I had to sit at the computer anymore.

I would have done something involving a pineapple, because that’s what first came to mind, but I didn’t feel like I knew what a pineapple looked like well enough to draw one. Since I’d been looking at cats among other things, the solution seemed a short leap of intellect:

"Can we just draw something already?!" "Um, okay."

“Can we just draw something already?!”
“Um, okay.”

I figure the wings are for gliding. I felt compelled to add the dorsal spines and tail spade to the tail because it didn’t seem dragony enough, even though the wings and ears should be a dead giveaway. Hmm.

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