Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,142: Cobwebs.

Because I might be starting interviewing for a job where I need to draw on a computer all the time, I took some time to putz around with my pet dinosaur Wacom Tablet. At more than 10 years old, the term “dinosaur” fits, and my tablet has always been fussy at best.

Even today, the cursor would jump or stutter, making what ought to be a simple curve into an angle, which makes me wonder if it’s not just me having trouble adjusting to this “drawing on the computer” thing. Searching through dusty troubleshooting archives turned up nothing useful or even accurate, so I pushed through as best I could and did this:

08152014  - Cobwebs.

Before you ask: yes, in my mind he was always pink. I’ll be back later with a pencil sketch for completion’s sake, I think.

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