Dragon-A-Day, Day 114

Someone really needs to remind me that I keep dating my drawings “09.” I usually have this problem through January, but I ought not to be doing it where all the Internet can see. Makes me look foolish.

Anyhow, I had been thinking of this for awhile, probably somewhere towards the late middle of the Dragon-A-Day run, and a recent conversation about making greeting cards (and some other happenings) prompted me to do this tonight:

So I have a little over a month to color it up and slap it on all sorts of things for Valentine’s Day. I think that the Geek is strong in this one, and it might actually work as a card or whathaveyou, but I need a better caption. I don’t like the bow yet, but I can go back and fix that. The arrows aren’t reading *especially* well, but I can always make them more heart-shaped in ink&paint, as well.

I might need more feathers in the scene.

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