Dragon-A-Day, Day 113

I’m filled with a vague frustration and disappointment over what I did and didn’t get done today. I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve also had a headache since about 3 in the afternoon.

So instead of doing anything really hard, I tried to noodle out the details of the Wildfire Dragon. I’m not sure if I succeeded; there’s still a lot of things (or now a lot of things) that I’m not thrilled about, and some of the things that seemed perfectly awesome a few weeks ago are starting to lose their luster.

Most notable is the spiky ridgy bit- at first it seemed great, but now that I’m drawing it for the third or fourth time, it’s starting to annoy me and seems too heavy or thick for this creature. The Plague Dragon also has spikes along the jawbone, so I’m trying to shy away from those, but like I mentioned previously, I want this thing to be nearly untouchable.

As a mildly related aside, when I’m putting massive dorsal plates and things on my dragons, I do wonder sometimes how they manage to breed without grievously injuring themselves on all the spiky bits. Since the Wildfire Dragon is a unique creature, he can be as sexually impossible (er, uncomfortable…? incompatible?) as he damn well pleases, but the thought did cross my mind.

I might go back and rebuild the dragon from the ground up, just keeping the concept of the open back and the wings/beard of fire. I’m not sure yet.

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