Dragon-A-Day, Day 119

*grumblegrumble*no Internet again…*grumblegrumble*Stupid slow library internet…*grumblegrumble*

(Originally written on January 11, 2010, right before my Internet cut out.)
I had a few ideas today, some half-formed, some from a few weeks ago that I was considering fleshing out.

Then my train of thought was sideswiped, fell off the tracks, and caught fire, and I was still without a dragon for today. The ideas I had suddenly didn’t make as much sense, didn’t seem as cool, or otherwise were not as viable as they had been a few hours ago. Never the less, I kept trying to do things to chickens, so I tried to run with the “Guardian Dragon” idea I had come up with in the morning today.

After a few half-hearted attempts at what really just kept coming out like a bulette, I decided to try something based on the shape of a sauropod dinosaur– a very heavy-bodied creature, but lacking the low-slung no-necked, huge-headed silhouette that I was defaulting to:

At first, it was looking like a brontosaur with wings, so I changed the leg structure a bit, especially the hindlegs. I tried to make them more like the “pouncing cat leg” that so many of my dragons have, while deepening the chest and shortening the arms. The face was a sort of happy accident. I like the forlorn/fatigued look that the dragon has.

Flavorwise, I’m thinking that these dragons (they are in fact Guardians now,) are small as far as dragons go, and might even have magical powers. They are likely looked down upon by other breeds, due to their small size and awkward shape, or respected because of Whatever It Is that they Guard. I’m not sure yet.

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