Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,251: Back to Basics.

On the way home from my first game of 5th Edition D&D (wherein my Semitic paladin won a close battle for the Faith) I found myself without a functioning pen. After I got over the initial shock/annoyance, I decided that it was better to try and do a Good Pencil Drawing than wait the hour or so it would to get back to Brooklyn, trudge through the snow and then try to draw something.

03012015 - Back to Basics.

My pencil was softer than I thought it was, which made working on this a little difficult- for the past few weeks, I’ve been getting used to crawling all over the page without fear of damaging what I did with an errant pinky. To my credit, I didn’t actually smudge anything, and I also enjoyed the (relative) freedom of erasing, which was useful because at first I was wrestling with that old wedge-shaped head problem that I’ve been dealing with on and off over the last five years- this dragon’s head was intended to be kind of like a slice of cake in terms of how wedgy it is.


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