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Dragon-A-Day, New Beginnings: Day 8: Shadows of Night.

I sat down to draw a lot later than I had planned, and probably would have done more with this; my first thought was “somethingmajestic,” so I started fooling around with shadow and texture:

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Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,251: Back to Basics.

After I got over the initial shock/annoyance, I decided that it was better to try and do a Good Pencil Drawing than wait the hour or so it would to get back to Brooklyn, trudge through the snow and *then* try to draw something. Continue reading

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Dragon-A-Day Online: Dat 1,234: Down(time) at the Bottom of the Sea.

I’ve been working a lot of odd hours lately, so I tried starting a sketch during one of the lulls at work. I kept chipping away at it (some of the lulls were longer than others) and didn’t actually do … Continue reading

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