Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 1,256: Shortcut(ting Off Limbs).

After chasing the dragon at work (it was a pretty slow day) and when I came home, I finally just started drawing shapes, because I need to be someplace at before 830 AM Saturday morning.

Naturally, I hit my stride and the drawing started to get away from me. I complained about this to my girlfriend, she suggested I “give it a scar or something” so I wouldn’t have to keep noodling in details, but I ended up doing myself one better:

Click to Enlarge.

Click to Enlarge.

The hind limbs were giving me a bit of trouble anyway- I had wanted them to be sprawled like a lizard’s legs, but I had kind of done the construction lines wrong and wasn’t really feeling them, so I covered them up a bit half-assedly and let it be some kind of spiny lindworm instead. If I’d had the time to lavish on it, I might have pebbled the entire body with scales like the upper trunk, but the legless back end actually suits it better, I think.

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