Dragon-A-Day, Day 128

So I had pretty much gotten over my earthquake anxiety. Then the second earthquake hit.

Somebody needed to stand up to the Catastrophic Dragons:

Click to enlarge.

This is partially the byproduct of a Facebook conversation, partially the result of getting a scam email about my long-dormant World of Warcraft account. Without knowing my friend Maya’s build for her Blood Elf Paladin, I kind of improvised. All I really remembered about paladins in WoW was that they have a “protective bubble” that shields them from attack. By no means Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe (and I wish that I could embed videos so that you could more readily see the awesomeness), but it gets the job done, I suppose.

Then, I went back and drew what was more likely to happen. I’m not overjoyed with the way the head came out, and without internet (or WoW installed on my laptop) I couldn’t really come up with any landmarks to destroy, but it gets the point across.

Click to Enlarge.

Big ol’ post tomorrow, stay tuned.

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