Dragon-A-Day, Days 129-132

Yeah… this Not Having Internet thing is kind of annoying. Mostly because it messes with my posting schedule, which usually involves staying up late and doing it all at once, artwork to writing. I really need to start planning ahead for this, since I only have Internet access during the day… Sigh.

Anyhow, multi-post, because I’m strapped for time/lazy:

Day 129

“Punish you? No. Destroy you? Yes!”


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*A response to the Earthquake Dragon’s statement in Day 127’s post. I had wanted to do something Macejaw-y, but hadn’t come up with anything, so here it is.

Day 130
I would have come back to the Guardian Dragon that I had been poking around with on Day 119, but then, you know, Muppets and earthquake and mold and all. My thought was that there would be different horns, frills or other head decorations to denote age/rank, but I couldn’t figure out where to put them without changing the look of the creature too much.

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Day 131

“You know what’s sexy? Confidence.

You know what’s confident? A 30-foot firebreathing, flying reptile with armor skin.”

“Just sayin’.”

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Did this on my way to Somewhere Important, but I forgot the wings in my haste to finish the piece… D’oh.

I realized this a day later, but didn’t go back and add them. That would have been cheating.

Day 132

I am a Tall Person, and despite the name, full-size beds do not agree with me.

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