Dragon-A-Day Reboot Day 1.

I had a long, angry rant about “being part of the conversation” in mind, but I chickened out and deleted it, for fear of somehow alienating my audience.

Anyhow, instead of trying to remember what I was thinking when doing sketches nearly a year ago, I have decided to start this all over again. And since I am doing that, I decided that all that was old ought to be new again, and revisited the Pelagic Dragon from the very first Dragon-A-Day post.

© Phillippe St. Gerard

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I had thought of making it more like a sea lion, as they actually have arms where sword/sailfish don’t, but I liked the idea of this dragon having feet. I’m not sure why.

Edit: Found out how to use Relative Linking in WordPress, so I am updating the self-referential links!

See you tomorrow.

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