Dragon-A-Day, The Resurrection: Day 11: Pinup.

Working from home later than I should have found me uninspired and sleepy. A couple flicks of the random word generator had the unsuitable word “silage,” the interesting word “evildoer,” and the winning word “pinup.”

Problem was, I needed to look up poses, because they are a thing, even going so far as to say something about your personality based on your favorite (I couldn’t decide). There was also the question of do I play it straight and do a not-quite-safe-for work drawing or the (potentially) humorous idea of a non-anthropomorphic dragon stuffed into a bikini or other fetching outfit and taking the pose, possibly against their will?

In the end, I split the difference.

0501219 - PinupI probably should have put more time into the scales, but I added them mainly because I kept drawing through trying to get the pose right and he was in this strange no-man’s-lad of looking unfinished  and too busy. The scales on the backs of the arms and the fronts of the legs are fine; it’s the filler elsewhere that kind of bugs me, but I’m trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule, so I didn’t want to stay up much later than I needed to.


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