Dragon-A-Day Reboot: Day 25

Some of you might remember this sketch I did back in January 2010 when I was feeling down on my luck.

As Fate would have it, as of this writing, I have been still been largely underemployed. A recent spate of leads came my way, and on my way to an interview with someone at The Creative Group, I started sketching an updated version of the image linked above.

It didn’t come out very well; it was ending up more humanoid than I would have liked (and I’m lazy, so I didn’t scan the bad sketch) so I did another one later. It’s much better, I promise. You didn’t want to see the first one.

Even dragons need a steady source of income.I could probably have made the sign a little more cardboard-y, as well as planning the layout better. But it works, and I like it.

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