Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 6

I have decided that I have some trouble with toes (especially weight-bearing toes), and that I need to look at animal paws and perhaps some more splayed human hands in the near future, because foreclaws are making me feel like I don’t know what I am doing lately.

I think it’s a strange mixture of perspective and physics teaming up to make me feel like I’m doing it wrong, although this is something that I’ve wrestled with before. I still haven’t come to the end of that battle of my perception vs. talent (or ability, depending on who you’re asking), but it was top-of-mind while coming up with this latest member of the Sailback Dragon family, the Spotted Lesser Sailback:

I’m still figuring out what the Greater (or average) sailback would be like, but this one is among the smaller of the bunch, somewhere around the size of a large dog.

For some reason I keep forgetting that the Sailbacks (if the Venomous version is the model) have wings. I really need to refer to my past sketches when coming up with these. I remembered the deep keel and two-toes feet, but totally forgot the wings. Bah. I guess I’ll go back and fix that, or maybe just redesign the Venomous, as it could use a revision anyway. It looks a bit ungainly.

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