Dragon-A-Day Online: Day 13

Technology does not seem to be on my side today. In preparation for my trip (I’m in Michigan for the next few days, far, far away from my scanner),I bought a camera which turned out to be a pile of rancid, steaming ass, so I am taking pictures with my phone again. I also updated my Firefox, and I’m not likeing the new look of it. At all.

Anyhow, on the subject of unruly machinery, I started reading Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan while on the plane, I’d have finished it if not for one unruly fellow flyer. (“Mush,” if you’re out there reading this [yeah, right], I’m talking about you.) But thinking about other organic/mechanical conflicts in fantasy fandom, which reminded me of this post from ages ago, and finally led to this drawing tonight:

It’s more of an amphiptere than a dragon, mostly because I ran out of space to put it in and didn’t feel like redrawing it. I’m not sure about the body, mostly because I think that there ought to be more pipey/steamy bits on it, and I don’t feel confident enough in my steampunkology to draw them while keeping it looking sleek and deadly. I do like the body, but I’m feeling like it can’t hold enough gears and whatnot to make itself go in there… Bah. I’ll probably pick it up again tomorrow.

And a happy Cinco de Mayo to you.

Update: Finally got around to scanning the artwork, so as not to have to have grainy phone pics. Someday soon I shall have a decent camera to take with me when I go out and about.

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