Speedpaint Sunday 6

I decided that in order to get more used to the idea of painting with the tablet, I should keep trying to work entirely in the digital realm. I’m still experiencing more than a little disconnect, getting focused enough to do a decent sketch seemed outside the realm of my ability.

In these, I was thinking of doing something along the lines of the unnamed heavyweight dragon from this post, but couldn’t get it together. So instead, I started working with blots of color and going forward from there:

It’s not bad, though I obviously need to get away from lines and start using more color values to block out things. I started doing the shadows at the end, got lazy and just used a multiplied layer and painted with grey, which kind of made the shadows a bit muddy. I think I was going in the right direction with placing them, although in some places (like the jaw), I didn’t know what to do with them in order to create depth.

I don’t know if I will try this one again or move on to something new next time; I should probably go read a thing or three about painting and rendering.

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